A dirty body of water with piping around the edge
Chegutu Lagoon Reclamation

In September 2009 Acti-Zyme in partnership with Dave Kempen started the reclamation of the Chegutu, Zimbabwe, municipal sewage pond #3. The Town of Chegutu population has a population of 50,000, and this sy...

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An exit pipe with flowing dirty water
Taber Pipeline Blockage Removal

In May 2018, the Town of Taber, Alberta, Canada encountered a problem that was not expected and that created an environmental problem that was going to be a significant expensive to resolve...

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Dirty body of water surrounded by green grass
Delburne Lagoon Desludging

The Town of Delburne, Alberta has a population of 830 people. The primary anaerobic cells were facing major issues. The inlet to the primary cells was blocked frequently with organic build up of biosolids. ...

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Acti-Zyme Desludging Solution

With Acti-Zyme’s AZSR Wastewater Lagoon systems can be desludged the way nature intended. AZSR is your cost effective sludge management solution.

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