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About Acti-Zyme

Acti-Zyme Products Ltd, commonly referred to as Acti-Zyme or AZ has been actively treating and restoring wastewater treatment systems for over 66 years with over 500 clients in Western Canada. Our team has extensive expertise and leadership in wastewater management, to properly treat all organic wastewater sludge produced by wastewater plants and lagoon/pond systems.

Acti-Zyme Serves Global Wastewater Systems

Acti-Zyme uses its proprietary Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) granules to treat sludge, fat, grease or other organic build up, through the process of ‘Bioaugmentation’ to digest and breakdown soft organic biosolids found in wastewater treatment systems.

Acti-Zyme has focused on technical development, product testing and partnerships with consultants, and utilities for technical third-party verification, and pilot projects. With a combined 110 years of experience in the field we have:

Independently verified the effectiveness of Acti-Zyme in over 40 independent studies

Documented and continue to study results in full scale and pilot scale applications with municipalities, including conducting analysis of before and after outflow readings to verify effectiveness

Improved the quality of inputs, including a new very effective bacteria consortium which has proven to be extremely effective in wastewater management,

Developed new products to solve important issues like FOG build up

Partnered with Dr. Pierre Fanfan, a bio-scientist, to pioneer new biological solutions

Conducting Research & Development on new biological wastewater products that will allow for advanced treatment and management of emerging contaminants of concern

Completed full scale anaerobic digestions studies with a focus in wastewater management, project development and environmental & economic sustainability.

Our Vision, Mission and Commitment

Our Vision encompasses a viable, ethical and environmentally conscious approach to treating biodegradable waste water with practical, cost effective, ecological solutions for human health, the environment and our ecosystems.

Our Mission from inception is to continue the journey managing untreated biodegradable wastewater and complete the cycle of turning it into a valuable asset. 

We are committed to continue to develop new biological products to address and treat emerging challenges within the wastewater industry and polluted bodies of water.

Bill Powell


“Wastewater is our only business. We take a hands on personal approach to each project. Our clients consistently see the results thanks to our Representatives and Partners in the field.”

Acti-Zyme Desludging Solution

With Acti-Zyme’s AZSR Wastewater Lagoon systems can be desludged the way nature intended. AZSR is your cost effective sludge management solution.

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