Septic Tank Systems

Industrial grade biological additives for home use.

Acti-Zyme’s septic tank product can be used in any sized septic tanks. The product specifically targets organics of protein, cellulose, carbohydrate and fat origins. It's simple application and all natural ingredients help protect the environment and reduce domestic odours.

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What are the advantages to using Acti-Zyme?

Reduces odours

Liquefies organic matter in septic tank, lines and fields

Reduces sludge buildup in overloaded system when lines and fields are clogged

It will follow the food source into these areas unclogging them, if organics are the problem.

Prolongs the life of a septic system

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Recreational Vehicles & Communities

Odours can be a problem for RV owners and neighbors. By adding Acti-Zyme,  will reduce or eliminate odour-causing compounds. Maintaining and emptying your septic system on a regular basis is an unglamorous  but necessary  part of any RV adventure. Acti-Zyme will take care of treating and maintaining your system and the septic systems in communities you stay at.

Acti-Zyme Serves Wastewater Systems World Wide


Each situation requires a different amount to clean and restore backed up and clogged systems, depending on the severity of the problem increase dosage may be needed until the system is free flowing. There is no formula or equation to determine dosage for every problem tank or system, as there are many aspects and variables to take into consideration. Some factors include:


Size/capacity of tank


Volume of caustics being flushed into the system


Use of antibiotics, cleaning agents, hormones from prescription drugs


How many people being supported by the system


Water to sludge ratio septic tank and drainage field design


Mechanical blockages; for example - trees, personal hygiene products, toys, plastics etc.

Septic Tank Treatment  (SP)

Septic Tank Treatment (SP)

For septic tanks, cabins, RV parks and motor homes.

ActiZyme Septic Treatment comes in a box of 25 - 500 gram pouches. 

Below is a basic guideline for treating septic tanks and drainage fields that are experiencing problems. You should at a minimum use the following chart as a guide for treating problem systems, based on a 1000 gallon tank.

Suggested Dosage & Treatment For Troubled or Backed Up Septic Systems

(*Scoop is provided for the 1.5kg containers. For the 454g jar containers,1 tablespoon (Tbsp) is equal to  1 scoop.)

Little to no accumulation 

Use 1 scoop* per day for 7 days, then return to maintenance dose rates.

Medium to heavy accumulation

Use 4 scoops* per day for 7 days, then use 6 scoops* per week for up to 4 months then return to maintenance dose rates.

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