Break Down Sludge Build-Up In Waste Systems
 for your City, County or District

Why Choose Acti-zyme?

A non-toxic, all-natural product that focuses only on the increased digestion and removal of contaminants.

Safeguard infrastructure, leaving it unharmed, helping the system to return to its normal operating capacity.

Uniquely suited to handle difficult challenges faced by the majority of wastewater systems.

Provides a more effective, environmentally safe, and economical method compared to contemporary methods for the treatment and disposal of biosolids.

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Karen Fegan
Delburne, AB, CAO

“The costs of this whole clean up project was only $30,500.00 which saved our town $94,500.00 and now have a very clean lagoon. We believe in this product and are committed to continue to use it as a preventative maintenance program so that we don’t have this issue arise again in the future. We would recommend the use of Acti-Zyme in any system that has issues with sludge build up.”

Malcolm Matthews
Formost, Alberta, Canada

“We have used Acti-Zyme for 20 years. It is an amazing product. We use it in our lagoon, lift stations and man holes. The lagoon was cleaned out recently for the first time since 1990 with very little sludge. Our lift stations are almost odourless. The difference is day and night not using Acti-Zyme.”

Joshua Nelson
Weyakwin, Saskatchewan

“Once we started using the product, we noticed that it was working quite well so we kept using it. At our lift station we are using 1 bag every 3 days and at our lagoon. During the summer we use 4 bags every 3-6 days which is showing progress right away.   Also the product is making a big difference in our sewer lines and cleans up the sludge well.”