Fat, Oil & Grease Removal

Biological treatment products for fat, oil and grease removal

LS7 formula is enhanced with all aspects related to lipids. It is very successful in the management of fat, oil and grease (FOG) which builds up in sewage lines, lift stations, grease traps and cells.

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For use in lift stations and wastewater collection lines.

Digest Fat, Oil & Grease

Decreases Odour

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Acti-Zyme LS7

Acti-Zyme LS7 is an enhanced biocatalyst product for improved breakdown, treatment and management of fat, oil, and grease built up in lines, lift stations, & grease traps.


Brent Hamilton

Town of Taber, Alberta, Canada

"An 18 inch line under the Old Man River had completely plugged due to grease build up. Acti-Zyme said we could apply LS7 and remove the plug without any expensive mechanical intervention. Within 2 weeks, flow began to return through the pipe. The enzymes moved the grease blockage so we were able to reach it and remove the grease plug. This fix was considerably less expensive and much easier than trying to bring equipment into that pipe under the river. We now use this product weekly to keep the grease from building up"

Rick Dabek

Utilities Foreman, Nipawin, Saskatchewan

“The Town of Nipawin had issues with lard build up in our sewage lift pump manholes as the floats and pipe elbows accumulated lard. The video showed that about 80% of the lard was gone off the pipes after using Acti-Zyme. The town regularly puts LS7 into our lift stations and manholes downstream about once every couple of weeks to keep pipes clear from lard building up.”

William Lyons

Bow Island, Alberta

“After one year our sewer lines are clear, not fat, they are spotless. Acti-Zyme doesn’t do exactly what they say it would do, it does more. I am an advocate, because it works”

Malcolm Matthews

Formost, Alberta, Canada

“We have used Acti-Zyme for 20 years. It is an amazing product. We use it in our lagoon, lift stations and man holes. The lagoon was cleaned out recently for the first time since 1990 with very little sludge. Our lift stations are almost odourless. The difference is day and night not using Acti-Zyme.”

Joshua Nelson

Weyakwin, Saskatchewan

“Once we started using the product, we noticed that it was working quite well so we kept using it. At our lift station we are using 1 bag every 3 days and at our lagoon. During the summer we use 4 bags every 3-6 days which is showing progress right away. Also the product is making a big difference in our sewer lines and cleans up the sludge well.”

Non-toxic, all natural, biological technology for rehabilitation and maintenance of wastewater systems.

LS7 is not a Surfactant

For an efficient way to deal with F.O.G. use Acti-Zyme’s LS7 formula that contains fat grown bacterial consortium. These bacteria crave fat, oils, and grease and deliver the right enzymes such as lipase and esterase that quickly and effectively digests the fat molecules. When used as recommended LS7 breaks down the fat, oils and grease and does not re-solidify. This solution really transforms any lift station or grease trap into a bioreactor. 

Full 24 km Pipeline Rehabilitation with 1 month. No manual removal needed when using Acti-Zyme.

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“We started using Acti-Zyme about 4 years ago and we have been very happy with the effectiveness of the product. We use the LS7 (F.O.G.) product in our lift stations on a weekly basis and have seen a very noticeable decrease in the amount of grease build up, not only in our stations, but throughout our collection system and at our wastewater treatment facility. We constantly had a thick mat of grease in a chamber right before our first lagoon that required constant maintenance. Since we started using the Acti-Zyme product, the Mat is gone and has not come back. What grease that still exists is much more manageable when our regular cleaning takes place. I have noticed that since using LS7 that our stations and other infrastructure is much easier to clean, cutting down in maintenance costs. I would recommend using the product.”

Doug Hagen, District of Invermere, British Columbia.

Stacked tubs of Acti-Zyme product
Fat, Oil and Grease Removal  (LS7)
Fat, Oil and Grease Removal  (LS7)
Clear plastic bag of Acti-Zyme product

Fat, Oil and Grease Removal (LS7)

To manage FOG in sewage system or in restaurant grease traps.

Each tub is sold in the amount of 55lb total.  There are two options: 2.2lb Water Soluble Bags, and loose product.

Additionally, LS7 can be bought in 1.5 kg jars, 3 to a case.  

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