Anaerobic Digesters Enhancement

Improving digester performance through bioaugmentation.

The Acti-Zyme AD blend also known as Hycura AD, is a specifically enhanced biological product designed to be augment the distruction of Volatile Solids and increase biogas production in anaerobic digester systems.

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Our Approach

AD Product

A specific blend used to assist in dewatering and in the reduction    
of Dry Metric Tons (DMT) of biosolids, along with an improvement in quality and quantity  of biogas production.

Some Benefits of Utilizing Biogases

If the biogas is recovered and used within the plant, increased amounts of biogas can further off-set other energy costs.

Replace conventional non renewable energy sources

Decrease your company’s carbon footprint

Produce heat and/or electricity on-site under your control

Sell excess electrical power from gen-sets to the local grid for profit

Create a reputation of being environmentally responsible

Potential to receive financial incentives to produce green energy​

Stacked tubs of Acti-Zyme product
Clear plastic bag of Acti-Zyme product

Anaerobic Digester Enhancement (AD)

To improve anaerobic digestion in municipal digesters.

Each tub is sold in the amount of 55lb total.  Comes as 2.2lb water soluble bags.

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