An exit pipe with flowing dirty water

Taber Pipeline Blockage Removal

In May 2018, the Town of Taber, Alberta, Canada encountered a problem that was not expected and that created an environmental problem that was going to be a significant expensive to resolve.

Here are their own words explaining the situation and how Acti-Zyme solved this problem for them.

“An 18 inch reverse siphon line under the Old Man River had completely plugged due to grease build-up.

Our Acti-Zyme consultant spoke to us, and said that just like the other areas we were using Acti-Zyme to remove the organics within our system they could apply their LS7 blend for F.O.G. and remove the plug without any expensive mechanical intervention.

Their proposal was simple and straight forward – dose the LS7 product upstream of the blockage and keep the water in the pipe, but NO pressure. The bacterial bled only needed to remain moist.

Within 2 weeks, flow began to return through the pipe …  The enzymes moved the grease blockage up the other side of the valley so we were able to reach it with our flush truck and remove the grease plug. This fix was considerable less expensive and much easier than trying to bring equipment into the pipe under the river. We now use this product weekly to keep the grease from building up.”

Brent Hamilton
Distribution &n Collection Lead Hand

With this town success they have continued to use Acti-Zyme products as a preventative maintenance. They have also began to look around the system for other uses to help increase treatment and system efficiency.