Dirty body of water surrounded by green grass

Delburne Lagoon Desludging

The Town of Delburne, Alberta has a population of 830 people. The primary anaerobic cells were facing major issues. The inlet to the primary cells was blocked frequently with organic build up of biosolids. The Town had used vacuum trucks more often than they desired to clean out the main inlet to their wastewater lagoon system.

The first sludge survey showed that there was over 725 m3 of sludge found in just the primary cells. This was the issue causing blockages in the system. The Town administration received quotes for manual removal that estimated it to cost over $125,000 just to remove the biosolids built up over time in the lagoons.

The Town agreed to utilize Acti-Zyme’s products to desludge the lagoon, resolve the blockages, and return the system to its normal operational capacity. The project started in May 2015 and was completed in May 2016.

Primary Lagoon Cell – Delburne, Alberta, May 2015

A lagoon filled with water surrounded by greenery


Primary Lagoon Cell – Delburne, Alberta, May 2016

A clean body of water surrounded by tall grass and green fields

The results from the one year treatment using Acti-Zyme products resulted in a reduction of 517 m3 of biosolids. This represented a 71.3% reduction. With this reduction of biosolids it resolved both issues of the blocked inlet and an increase in the systems capacity.

This whole project cost the Town 20% of the cost of manual removal, saving the town tens of thousands of dollars.