Who We Are

Acti-Zyme Products Ltd  would be just another Company without it's collective expertise.  The unique individual and combined skillsets bring together the most successful solutions for the clients and their projects within the industries Acti-Zyme Products Ltd serves. It creates an environment with a strong sense of mutual commitment and synergy; the combined efforts of all the individual expertise is stronger than each of the individual parts.

Meet Our Core Group

Bill Powell 

CEO / Product Development                        

Pat Powell 

A/R & A/P

Jay Lundy

Sales & Field Manager     

Jonathan Lee 

Sales & Marketing 

Meet Our Main Consultants 

Dr. Pierre Naider Fanfan PhD MBA In-house Scientist 

Dr. Pierre Fanfan has studied at the most prestigious universities in Europe and in the US. Dr. Fanfan holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences and Biological engineering from Gembloux, now ULG, in Belgium and an MBA with a concentration in leadership from Walden University, Baltimore MD, USA. 

Dr. Andrew Tay – University of Calgary Professor 

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Calgary Tier I CRC Waste Water Engineering. served as consultant to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations organizations, World Health Organization (WHO), and several other International Technical Assistant Programs on environmental engineering & management in Asia-Pacific Region.

 Vanessa Garcia Gomez & Jose García - Spain

Vanessa Garcia Gomez: Chemical Engineer, Researcher, collaboration with the University of Cambridge 

Jose Garcia:  Pharmacist, Ecological Branch, Analysis Specialist, Researcher, collaboration with University of Valencia. ESPAZYME S.L. and ESPAZYME U.K. Development of technologies to improve yields AD. Development of Technology for the recovery of Aquatic Ecosystems.                           

Theo Hubertus Huitema  - Haiti and Africa 

A former World Vision International WASH Director, SOIL Director for Sustainable Organic Livelihoods Haiti. Educated in the areas of Biogas, Wind Energy & Environmental Sanitation & a trained WASH specialist. Currently working with Acti-Zyme Products Ltd in Haiti.