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Acti-Zyme services many industries


Acti-Zyme offers advanced biological waste water treatments designed specifically for municipal waste water and lagoons in order for them to effectively maximize lagoon efficiency while lowering operating costs and making it easier to operate.

This environmentally safe product provides the ability to virtually eliminate sludge and crust in overloaded lagoon systems.

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Hog Farm 2

photo Hog Farm by Jay Lundy

Agricultural & Contained Livestock Operations

Manure handling systems on farms are subject to overloading. Acti-Zyme has blends specifically targeting biological waste from livestock operations which typically have different sludge profiles.

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photo Courtesy of Patsy's Restaurant, Spray Lakes Family Sports Centre, Cochrane Ab


Typically institutions with kitchen/restaurant facilities face many problems with FOG build ups in traps and lines.
Acti-Zyme’s LS7 blend specifically focus’ on breaking up FOG deposits while preventing them from reforming down the line.

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Acti-Zyme’s AD blend is an enhanced biological MET product, specifically designed for working in digesters. It helps optimize the production of biogas for renewable energy.

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Septic Tank Systems

Septic tanks can cause serious problems when overloaded or inadequately treated. They can cause acute and chronic health hazards, as well as polluting our waterways, and reducing our aquatic life. With Acti-Zyme’s Septic Tank Treatment, there should no worry about clogged, or backed up tanks.

Recreational Vehicles & Communities

If you spend any time in a recreational vehicle (RV) or spend time in a recreational community, you probably know of the problem of odours from sewage holding tanks.

 Acti-Zyme biological products work very well within the recreational communities and for black and grey water holding tanks in recreational vehicles.

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Lake Chivero
Contained Bodies of Water

In both above and underground contained bodies of fecal contaminated water, Acti-Zyme has been used to address the pollutants.

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With the increasing Global demand and scarcity of water, it is important to rehabilitate and reuse waste water and even more important to find ways to handle the new emerging contaminants that are changing our ecosystems. These contaminates are everywhere and are at the present time untreatable. Items such as; antibiotics, estrogen, chemical, plastics - to name a few, are dumped into our water systems.