About us

Waste water is our only business. We take a hands on personal approach to each project. Our clients consistently see the results thanks to our Representatives and Partners in the field.

Bill Powell. CEO, Acti-Zyme Products Ltd.

Our Skills & Expertise

We provide over 170 years of combined and collective experience and expertise working with cost effective waste water management, predominately holding lagoons, tanks and septic systems 

Consulting to our customers regarding system designs, lagoon rehabilitation, outflow readings issues, sludge management, leachate management, phosphate and nitrate management in both above and underground water and other possible environmental issues is an invaluable asset and part of our services.

Our Vision    Our Mission   Our Commitment 

Our Vision encompasses a viable, ethical and environmentally conscious approach to treating biodegradable waste water with practical, cost effective, ecological solutions for human health, the environment and our ecosystems.

Our Mission from inception is to continue the journey managing untreated biodegradable waste water and complete the cycle of turning it into a valuable asset. 

We are committed to continue to develop new biological products to address and treat emerging challenges within the waste water industry and polluted bodies of water.

We have  capable representatives to not only communicate with stakeholders in the field but to coordinate projects through all stages. 

We have a proven approach to obtaining results for treating soft organic waste water issues 

Why Choose Us?

History of Proven Success

Solutions developed and refined in real life situations in the field

North American and International client base

Clients still with us for over 50 years

Clients ranging from homeowners with simple septic tanks  >  municipalities with digester systems  >  agricultural clients and contained livestock farming operations.