Desludging and Reclaiming Wastewater Systems

Advanced Biological Sludge Reduction

For use in overloaded wastewater lagoon systems. 

“I have four anaerobic cells, and when we measured them [after treatment] we gained thirteen feet of space, about eight thousand cubic meters. We also had 18 inches of floating biomass on top of the cells. That is gone too. Acti-Zyme doesn’t do exactly what they say it would do, it does more. I am an advocate because it works.”

William Lyons, Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

Acti-Zyme AZSR

Acti-Zyme AZSR is an enhanced biocatalyst product for improved breakdown and digestion of built up sludge in wastewater systems. AZSR is an effective way to destroy sludge and restore capacity to any biological system.

“Our community has been using Acti-Zyme for over 25 Years. From the beginning we have introduced our weekly maintenance treatments through the manholes and pump stations. In this way we have been able to keep the collection system free of sludge build up. We decided to drain the lagoon, assuming that it would be necessary to remove the sludge that had accumulated over the past 25 years. We found to our surprise, that there was almost no sludge build up at all, and the expensive drag line removal of sludge we had anticipated, would not be necessary.”

Jim McAlister, Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada. Tweet

Delburne, Alberta, Canada

71% sludge reduction in one year, at 24% the cost of manual removal. No manual removal needed when using Acti-Zyme.

“Our lagoon system consists of four anaerobic lagoon cells, plus additional facilitative and polishing cells. In 2014, we had a sludge survey completed to determine the level of sludge built up in our four primary anaerobic cells. We additionally looked for options to remove the sludge, and were quoted $125,000.00 to manually remove the sludge. Then in 2015, we were approached by Acti-Zyme and accepted their proposal to clean up the lagoons through the use of their Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) Granules. We started treatment in May 2015 and continued through to May 2016. One year later completed a second sludge survey which showed a decrease of 71% of the sludge volume. The costs of this whole clean up project was only $30,500.00 which saved our town $94,500.00 and now have a very clean lagoon. We believe in this product and are committed to continue to use it now as a preventative maintenance program so that we don’t have this issue arise again in the future. We would recommend the use of Acti-Zyme in any systems that has issues with sludge build up.”

Karen Fegan, CAO, Delburne, Alberta, Canada

Non-toxic, all natural, biological technology for rehabilitation and desludging of wastewater systems.

Acti-Zyme AZSR

AZSR is designed for sludge removal and lagoon remediation. AZSR contains the highest quality of bacteria, enzymes, and proprietary components that break down soft organic material. The utilization of AZSR is more cost effective than manual removal, and leaves the system unharmed. It will dramatically reduce costs of manual removal. In many cases it has eliminated the need for manual removal or delayed those costs for years while reducing the environmental impacts.

71% sludge reduction in one year, at 24% the cost of manual removal. No manual removal needed when using Acti-Zyme.

“The trial has been very successful and produced very good results. From the results obtained in the trial, we have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing the use of Acti-Zyme in the treatment of heavily loaded and dysfunctional/ malfunctioning sewage treatment works”

Douglas Chimhande, Chegutu, Zimbabwe

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“Council is very pleased and are definitely committed to continuing with this product. This product has saved the Village of Vibank thousands of dollars.”

Jeanette S. Vibank, Saskatchewan