Contained Bodies of Water

Contained Bodies of Water

Nitrates chart

Aquifer Trial in Spain - Reduction in Nitrates in water before and after results with Acti-Zyme treatment. Nitrates reduced from 840mg/L > 2.4 mg/L in 11 days, which now has less than 50mg/L of nitrates (vertical measure is nitrates and horizontal is number of days).

Acti-Zyme products can be used in situations where soft organic matter in sludge is a problem, providing remediation on many issues at the same time.

Acti-Zyme activates in the presence of water. It also uses water as a carrier to spread out from where it was applied.
Acti-Zyme works with naturally occurring flora and fauna within the environment, providing assistance to the existing microbial population.
It typically out competes many pathogenic bacteria strains found in fecally polluted systems whether in naturally occurring water ecosystems, or man made contained bodies of water, including waste water treatment systems. 

Our Approach

Nutrient overloading in any system leads to eutrophication eventually as the oxygen supply to flora and fauna are depleted.
Nutrient overloading typically occurs with high organics in the water, often from fecal pollution, or high fertilizer seepage.
While there is a source of organics in the waste water, and the environmental conditions are favourable, applications of Acti-Zyme can reduce the overloading of the system restoring it to its original condition.