• The Basics

    Our technical team has been able to develop an innovative, highly-effective bio-augmentation product. Through research & development, product improvement and enhancements of the technical processes we have refined our MET granules to service municipal to residential systems.

    Acti-Zyme manufactures an enhanced group of products that were explicitly designed to focus on hydrolysis, the liquefying of bio-solids. It delivers an all-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable effluent septic tank cleaning treatment with up to 99.9% of active ingredients.

    Acti-Zyme has improved its product based on proven methods and formulas previously marketed over the past 60 years. This enhancement provides wastewater solutions by bringing better performance, more specifically targeted ingredients to be more efficient in breaking down the organic matter in wastewater.

    Acti-Zyme products treat bio-solid wastewater systems from residential septic tanks, contained livestock manure handling systems including lagoons to large scale municipal digesters.

  • How We Work

    Acti-Zyme’s products stand out as an ideal solution to managing bio-solid wastewater and overcome septic tank problems like sludge buildup.

    Through our proprietary in-house system we have mastered the process of hydrolyzing bio-solid buildup and we have biologically engineered our products with neither bulking agents nor fillers. Acti-Zyme MET granules are composed of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes, enzymes, nutrients and neutralizers for optimal performance.

    With the increasing demand and scarcity of water, it is important to clean and digest wastewater but even more important is to handle the new emerging contaminants that are changing our ecosystem. These contaminants are everywhere and are at the present time are untreatable. This would include, antibiotics, estrogen, and insect repellants.

    With the continued focus on improving methods and products we are targeting these new threats to our water and treatment systems by joining forces with renowned professor Dr. Andrew Tay of the University of Calgary, to combine our current technology and methods with newly developed and powerful septic and municipal treatment methods.

  • Our Skills

    Aerobic & Anaerobic Microbes
    Bio-Solid Sludge Removal
    Over 60 years of Combined Experience
    Non-Intrusive Treatment Techniques
  • High Quality Product Guaranteed

    Our products are guaranteed to have only high quality ingredients and if used according to dosage and protocol design parameters will not only do the job but will do it cheaper and safer for the environment.

    William PowellCEO
  • We Save You Money

    Sludge Removal at Typically 1/3 the Cost of Manual Removal.

Our Core Values

    • Scientific Research

      Acti-Zyme and it’s products are founded on scientific research and development. From the beginning right to today we are continuing to do research into improving product quality, effectiveness and we are developing new compound to attack new and emerging problems in the wastewater industry.

    • Protocols and Procedure Design

      With the proper protocols and procedures major improvements in wastewater management are achievable. We have spent millions of dollars of the years perfecting the development of products, processes and protocols to improve and ensure results.

    • High Quality Products

      Only the best will do for Acti-Zyme products. We do not use filers or any other non-essential ingredients in our natural bio-augmentation products. We want results just as much as you do!

    • On Time, Every Time

      In business there are customers and providers. As a provider of services and products we know how important it is to deliver and receive products on time. Production, results and the end goal of clean water and a clean environment needs to be done on time or pollution and contamination occurs.

    • Clean water = Life

      Having clean accessible water is one of the most basic human needs in order to sustain life and develop the human race. Acti-Zyme is focused on doing its part in providing solutions and products to insure we maintain and increase our access to clean water.

    • Strive for Excellence

      The strive for excellence is the only way to build a company, and help people. Mediocracy leaves things behind and unfinished. Acti-Zyme not only strives for excellence but has achieved success many companies have not, we are now into our 60th year of business with more than 500 municipal clients.