Get Serious About Wastewater!

Acti-Zyme Wastewater Management and Sludge Removal Solutions, restores overloaded systems, reduces sludge build up, decreases excessive odours, and improves outflow readings.

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Wastewater Management for Your System

Non-toxic, all natural Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) for treatment of organic wastewater.

  • Applications

    Acti-Zyme provides  wastewater solutions for various applications including biomass reinforcement, solids management, biological aids and odor control to improve wastewater treatment.

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  • Industries/Sectors

    Acti-Zyme products service many industries and sectors. Most commonly they are used in municipal and industrial treatment, contained livestock and residential septic tank systems. Act-Zyme is also hard at work to develop new innovative products for additional sectors.

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  • Products and Services

    From sludge removal to complete wastewater management, Acti-Zyme has the expertise to provide the services and products tailored to your system needs.

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Core Competencies

  • Digests Biosolids

    Acti-Zyme Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) is specifically targeted to breakdown fats, starches, and proteins found in sludge. Restoring any biological sewage treatment system.

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  • Removes F.O.G.

    Proper applications of Acti-Zyme products removes Fats, Oils, and Grease. This restores function to overloaded areas and returns them to their free flowing capacity.

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  • Improves Outflow Readings

    Multiplying every 20 mins, these bacteria mean business and the get the job done fast. Improving waste water outflow readings!

  • Increases Energy Potential

    Acti-Zyme increases the decomposition of organic matter thereby increasing the rate of release of Biogas such as Methane gas which can be captured to produce power.

    Biogas Increase

  • Unique Features

    Acti-Zyme is like no other biological treatment. With proven success its special and exclusive features provide targeted results. Acti-Zyme works continuously year round to, reduce sewage blockages, avoid waste overflows, stop pollution of waterways, eliminate offensive odors and consume sludge in lagoons, lines and tanks.

    • Microbe Enhancement 

      Using the Microbe Enhancement Technology (MET) combined with our proprietary compound increases the rate of decomposition of biosolids.

    • 100% Natural

      All our components are completely natural and are derived from the naturally occurring microbes and enzymes found in nature.

    • Safe for Aquatic Life

      After completing a full bio-assay test it was found that when applying recommended dosage rates Acti-Zyme’s MET granules to water there is a 100% survival rate of aquatic life.

    • Requires Less Energy

      With no need of mechanical processes or the use of electricity. The application of Acti-Zyme’s MET granules is the most energy efficient way to treat any biological waste water.

    • Industrial Strength

      Acti-Zyme’s MET granules have been in use by municipalities for over 60 years and we use the same high grade ingredients in all our wastewater treatment products.

    • Proven in the Field

      Acti-Zyme’s MET granules have been tried and tested not only in the lab but has proven itself time and time again as the most effective and cost efficient way to digest sludge and fully treat waste water in real-world situations.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The Proof is in the Pudding, in Our Case the Proof is in Clean Water.

  • The town of Hepburn had visual build up of sludge that was on the verge of affecting the systems ability to treat the town’s waste water. After contact with Acti-Zyme the town foreman starting used Acti-Zyme treatment and after the four months of treatment from June to September 2014, the town was able to remove approx. 7 ft of sludge.

    “I thought it would do something, but I was surprise how well it removed all the sludge. There is literally nothing left. Incredible.”

    Author's imageTim HarmsTown Foreman, Hepburn, SK, CANADA
  • The Village of Vibank had a company quoted the Village a cost of $60,000 plus the cost of Digging a sludge pit for disposal. The sludge had mounded over the water level. The village starting used Acti-Zyme treatment  and after the four months of treatment from May to August 2013, the town was able to remove approx. 6 ft of sludge.

    “Council is very pleased with Acti-Zyme and are definitely committed to continuing with this product. This product has saved the Village of Vibank thousands of dollars.”

    Author's imageJeanette SchaefferTown Administrator, Vibank, SK, CANADA