Working with edwwe

Acti-Zyme does what nature does naturally...only  faster 

Water, without it there is no life on earth

young boy in Haiti

Haiti - Photo by Theo Huitema 2017

Sustainable Development

Acti-Zyme Products Ltd works directly with Environment Depot for Waste Water to Energy Ltd (known as edwwe), providing the biological product as an ecological solution for all edwwe's projects for Waste Water to Energy.

  • Rehabilitating and reusing the treated water provides a secondary source of water for direct irrigation, saving valuable fresh water,
  • Develops a new renewable energy source from the harnessing of biogases,
  • Reduces carbon footprint left behind

It is an affordable and economically feasible solution for treating the biodegradable / organic matter in water, large or small with the option of turning it into a valuable asset.

Protecting the Environment

Acti-Zyme’s products are a practical & safe solution 

  • Acti-Zyme is a blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, enzymes, nutrients and buffers obtained from within our ecosystem.
  • Requires no expertise to administer other than following protocols
  • No electrical output required thus lowering the carbon footprint
  • Naturally digests organic matter, alleviating the need for manual removal and disposal of sludge.
  • Non-caustic, will not harm pipes or fixtures

Acti-Zyme will follow polluted waterways, lakes and underground water and will not harm aquatic life when used at recommended dosage rates as supported by our Bioassay

Testing Result - Nautilus Environmental - Toxicity Test

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