WaterTree Foundation

WHAT IF if we could reduce human suffering of lives that could be lost to waterborne illnesses, reclaim ecological habitats, provide electricity to people that have never turned on a light?
IMAGINE ….we could positively impact these 3 major Global issues - fecal contaminated water, overuse of fresh water and lack of electricity with a single solution and model?
What is the solution

The WaterTree Foundation is our natural evolution with a Solution

The WaterTree Foundation is the natural progression from treating waste water for 64 years using Acti-Zyme products, to the concept of using this treated outflow water in a proactive way to be used for agricultural crops; growing food for sustainability and then capturing the biogas’ produced for the benefit of all people, particularly those in smaller rural settings in developing world countries where expensive infrastructure is not feasible.

We have stories of people whose lives have been changed because the raw sewage is no longer running in the streets alongside gardens, a small farm using direct irrigation with reclaimed water in Haiti, large farming corporations using the reclaimed water crop irrigation with better yields and no soil contamination issues.

         Haiti- Direct Irrigation  - photo Theo Huitema                        Chitungwiza 2010 gardens  - photo AZAComp                        Haiti better banana tree growth - photo Theo Huitema

College tests show increased protein content in grains using reclaimed water. Trials to increase biogases have been completed in laboratory environments and in real life situations and based on the expertise of systems that have cost effectively collected the biogas to generate electricity continuously for 31 years.

       Haiti - direct irrigation- photo Theo Huitema                           Olds College Ab - pig manure biogas production                 Royal Farms California biogas production - photo Jay Lundy   

What is our Model?

 The WaterTree Foundation model addresses Water, Human health and Environmental issues    

Backed by the experience and expertise of people on the ground working with Acti-Zyme products as an ecological solution:

  • cleans fecal contaminated lakes and lagoons, rehabilitates and restores ecological habitats.
  • The reclaimed water is used for irrigation which in turn preserves valuable fresh water.
  • The harnessed biogases will produce renewable energy – electricity, while reducing the carbon footprint left behind.

It is what this model does as “a whole” and what happens when you use a biological product to speed up the process of what “nature” already does but cannot keep up to is what makes this approach unique.

These models:

  • will educate and empower communities
  • are replicable, scalable, and sustainable
  • provide technology which can be used by all community members and can be transferred from community to community around the world

There is a time to stand alone & a time to stand together.



     The WaterTree Foundation is deeply rooted in water with purpose & direction to branch out to the many communities in need

From the Founders