The What, How and Why?

The What, How and Why?

What is Acti-Zyme?

Acti-Zyme is an enhanced biocatalyst product for
improved breakdown and digestion of built-up
sludge in wastewater systems. Acti-Zyme blends
use a patented Syntrophic Oxidation Bacteria
consortium. Acti-Zyme’s consortium contains over
70 different strains of bacteria that tackle multiple
pollutants and environments. Acti-Zyme not only
use a SOB consortium, but also have proprietary
Microbial Enhancement Technology formulations containing a broad range of bacteria,
enzymes specific to proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and cellulose, supported by buffers and
neutralizers all working together to achieve successful treatment in wastewater management

Acti-Zyme is more resistant to aggressive environments, toxic shocks and can digest difficult
to degrade polysaccharides found in secondary sludge.


Over 67 Years of
Proven Success

How does Acti-Zyme work?

Acti-Zyme focuses on biological processes enhancement, or bioaugmentation. Whenany of the Acti-Zyme products are applied to organic wastewater it increases the biological activity. The improved active components speed up the natural biological processes that compromise the main reactions that take place in wastewater treatment systems. With the improved reactions the contaminants found in wastewater are broken down faster.

Acti-Zyme is a non-toxic, all natural product that focuses only on the increased digestion and removal of contaminants. Acti-Zyme safeguards infrastructure, leaving it unharmed, helping the system to return to its normal operating capacity. Acti-Zyme does not require the wastewater treatment process to stop and allows for the removal of organics from all
parts and sections of the system. Acti-Zyme is applied simply with pre-measured amounts in water soluble bags, directly to the wastewater system where biological build up is found. Typically applications are made to collection lines, lift stations, bioreactors and lagoons.

Natural biological process enhancement for improved
wastewater treatment, biosolids management, and fat oil and grease build up.

Why biological process enhancement?

The use of Acti-Zyme complements the natural biological processes found in wastewater systems. Within each zone anaerobic, facultative, and aerobic, Acti-Zyme’s targeted components increase the biological reactions thereby increasing the system performance. From hydrolysis to methanogenesis, to bio-oxidation, each biological process enhancement increases the systems ability to utilize each process including the important nitrogen and phosphorus cycles.

Why use Acti-Zyme?

Acti-Zyme is uniquely suited to handle difficult challenges faced by the majority of wastewater systems. It provides a more effective, environmentally safe and economical method compared to contemporary methods for treatment and disposal of biosolids. It reduces organic residues “in-situ” rather than transporting and disposing of sludge to
landfills or agriculture lands. It’s process enhancement helps systems meet the Federal and Provincial regulations and virtually eliminates pathogens and foul odors.

It is an easy to use technology that effectively improves treatment to reach system objectives.

Non-toxic, all natural, biological technology for rehabilitation
and maintenance of wastewater systems.