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34 - Mexico Government Tests of Hycura IMTA3

Our Protocols

black and white water

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Projects with Major Impact

All of the Case studies, research & development and projects span over a period of 60+ years. Although the Acti-Zyme  product name and terminology specific to the projects may vary, it is very important to know they are ALL blends of Acti-Zyme biological MET products. 

Communities  have used Acti-Zyme with unequivocal testimonials dating back as far as 1947.

Acti-Zyme has documented Projects in countries to include:

  • Nepal 1947
  • United States – 1954 to present
  • Canada -1957 to present
  • Italy – 1970's
  • France – 1970's
  • Switzerland– 1970's
  • Kenya– 1970
  • United Kingdom– 1970's to present
  • Burkina Faso
  • Australia – 1992
  • Spain –2003-2006,2015 to present
  • Zimbabwe – 2009 - present
  • Haiti – 2010 - present
  • Mexico– 2016 to present
  • Zambia - present

  From the Tropics, to Canada and the Arctic; Acti-Zyme has a proven history of success. In Zimbabwe, we have cleaned 15,000m of sewage lines in Chitungwiza, a sewage treatment lagoon in Chegutu, a portion of a river in Spain, pit toilets in refugee camps in Haiti after the 2009 earthquake, and the the town of Inuvik, North West Terrritories, for over 20 years, as the effective waste water management for their sewer system and lagoon - All with positive results to human health and the environment                                        

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