Real Results

Results Matter

 As shown  and individually explained in the various Results Charts below with regular application of Acti-Zyme:

  • Acti-Zyme removes the food source of pathogenic bacteria, thereby decreasing water-born diseases. For example: E. coli and coliforms.
  • Treatment with Acti-Zyme  assists in improving outflow readings to environmentally acceptable levels.
  • This natural maintenance approach will also bring the waste water’s pH levels within acceptable levels. 
  • The effluent readings are environmentally acceptable
chart of reduced levels

Acti-Zyme % of Maximum and average removal rates of unwanted nutrients and harmful pathogens -  up to 60 towns before and after use with Acti-Zyme. All data can be found on the following website: - Government of Saskatchewan, Canada

Fecal Coliform

Fecal Coliform MPN/100ml - before and after results


E. coli MPN/100ml - before and after results

*The above 2 results charts for Fecal Coliform and E. coli are based on before and after treatments of Acti-Zyme with 64 towns in Saskatchewan  over a 4 month period


Biogas Increase

Acti-Zyme increases the decomposition of organic matter (Pig manure) thereby increasing the rate of release of Biogas such as Methane gas which can be captured to produce power. Based on lab project by Dr. Abimbola for Olds College,  Ab


COD rates chart

The COD chart is based on a University of Calgary, AB trial with Dr. Andrew Tay's grad students. With proper use of Acti-Zyme COD rates can be lowered dramatically

Melbourne, Australia Pakenham Waste water sludge reduction- Between 12/30/91-2/26/92 (7 weeks) the following results had been achieved:

Melburne Aust chart

NB: "Unpleasant odour was eliminated within 4-5 day of dosing commencement. Dewatering of Pond  #4 commenced on 2/26/92.  As of  5/3/92, considerable biological activity was still evident, with vigorous bubbling and bubble / froth formation remaining above the solid (supernate). It was quite clear that given time, further reductions  in many of the parameters would likely occur."


Vibank Sk, Canada - before and after effluent results -may 2013 to Oct 2013- Over 6 feet of sludge removed - website link

Nitrates chart

Aquifer trial in Spain - Reduction in Nitrates in water before and after results with Acti-Zyme treatment. Nitrates reduced from 840mg/L > 2.4 mg/L in 11 days, which now has less than 50mg/L of nitrates (vertical measure is nitrates and horizontal is number of days)

Following Charts are from Jucar Spain: Most notable effects of bacterial bioremediation in aquatic areas.

A 76% Reduction of 11,250 m3 Sludge in River Basin, over 288 km, 3 months

---View the Jucar Spain Project on our Global Projects Page---

  • Rapid onset of biological activity!
  • Reduction of the load of organic matter to basal levels, similar to the reference values!
  • Verifiable reduction of accumulated nutrients!
  • Considerable reduction of the power of the sediment!
  • Decreased oxygen demand on the water column!
  • Disappearance of odors in the environment and in the sediments!
  • Recovery and stabilization of natural pH, conferring buffering!
  • Inhibition of sulphate-reducing route!
  • Improved trophic level of river reaches, wetlands and reservoirs!
  • Progressive recovery of the natural conditions that allow the balanced development of the aquatic life!
  • Effective tool for the regeneration of the beds of rivers degraded.
  • Rapid onset of biological activity
Jucar results charts 1
Jucar results charts 2
Jucar results charts 3
Jucar results charts 4
Jucar results charts 5
Jucar results charts 6

Font of Stone, Spain 

Anaerobic Digestion Project (AD) -  60 days from the start of the APPLICATION,  April 26, 1999

Font of Stone Bogas Increase
Font of Stone H2S reduction
Font of Stone Biosolids Reduction
Font of Stone CH4 Increase

(*Listed within the Charts may be trademarks and commercial names that Acti-Zyme Products, Ltd uses or has used to commercialize the same product in different countries. Although with different commercial names, the product is the Original Acti-Zyme Products Ltd - “Acti-Zyme”, “Actizyme”, “AZAComp”, “A-Z”, “Espa-Zyme”, “Espazyme”, “EAZ”, “E-Z”, “AZ”, “EnviroBact formulas” “BioPac”,“Biocat” “BR90”, “RemBact” and/or “AZ Compound” , "EnzyBac" and "Hycura" (a registered trademark of Acti-Zyme)".