Our Solution

We produce impressive results with our approach to managing waste water

Our Solution

Acti-Zyme biological MET products:

  • Contains the proven combination of bacteria,  enzymes,  neutralizers  and buffers essential for effective digestion of soft organic matter in water.
  • Contains  aerobic, facultative anaerobic, and anaerobic bacteria therefore can function in all substrates
  • Controls odour
  • Provides environmentally acceptable outflow readings
  • Ideally suited to thrive in environments such as pits, toilets and lagoons, contained bodies of water
  • In the presence of water, the product follows its food source; soft organic matter, into above or underground water until the food source is depleted.

We have a proven approach to obtaining results. 

Garden plain Colony bubbling water

Acti-Zyme granules at work in Lagoon

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