Our Protocols

We work with decision makers to offer a solution to each waste water challenge

We understand waste water. Having an in-depth understanding of the process is important. Our approach is to provide the most appropriate solution with the right blend and protocols which provides immediate value and long lasting impact.

Acti-Zyme Protocols take the project from:                  Rehabilitation > Preventative Maintenance 


Overloaded lagoons are compromised systems, with compromised outflow readings. Rehabilitation brings systems back to working order which can be managed through regular maintenance protocols.

The first photo demonstrates a very well managed and maintained lagoon system after using Acti-Zyme.

The second photo is a lagoon system after being left for 2 years without any Acti-Zyme or continued preventative maintenance plan in place.

Red Coat Feeders

photos by Jay Lundy


photos by Jay Lundy

Lagoon working Red Coat Feeders Sask - Jay
treated lagoon after 2 years