Municipal Wastewater

Biological Treatment for
Municipal Wastewater Systems

For use in municipal and commercial wastewater systems treatment systems.

“I thought it would do something, but I was surprised how well it removed all the sludge. There is literally nothing left “

Tim H., Hepburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Acti-Zyme AZ Commercial

Acti-Zyme AZ Commercial is the all purpose baseline product used for proper management of wastewater. It acts as a preventative maintenance in lagoons, collection lines, and for continued sludge management. 

"We saw a very visible change in our lagoons in just 2 months after we started using Acti-Zyme. We have been using now for 8 years as needed. It has worked well for us. We decided to be more aggressive in using the product for better results. We saw a significant odour reduction and impressed with only a few inches of sludge on pipes. The cost of using Acti-Zyme is minimal in comparison to dredging."

Logan Howes, Nobleford, Alberta, Canada Tweet

Acti-Zyme AZ+

Acti-Zyme AZ+ is for Sludge Removal and Lagoon Remediation. Speeds up the process of decomposition during initial treatments and assists in balancing the pH levels.

71% sludge reduction in one year, at 24% the cost of manual removal. No manual removal needed when using Acti-Zyme.

“Council is very pleased and are definitely committed to continuing with this product. This product has saved the Village of Vibank thousands of dollars.”

Jeanette S. Vibank, Saskatchewan

“I have seen sludge build up 4 inches thick in pump stations, and seen it eaten away within 2 to 3 weeks after using the product. The walls were clean. Any of our traps or weirs is spotless. It is a fabulous product.”

Jacob Tricker, Alberta

“Wow, what an amazing difference, we are extremely pleased with the results. We would be happy to recommend this to anyone!”

Karen Fegan, Delburne, Alberta

Non-toxic, all natural, biological technology for rehabilitation and maintenance of wastewater systems.

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“Our community has been using Acti-Zyme for over 25 years. From the beginning we have introduced our weekly maintenance treatments through the manholes and pump stations. In this way we have been able to keep the collection system free of sludge build up. We decided to drain the lagoon, assuming that it would be necessary to remove the sludge that had accumulated over the past 25 years. We found to our surprise, that there was almost no sludge build up at all, and the expensive drag line removal of sludge we had anticipated, would not be necessary.”

Jim McAlister, Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada.