Plant for the drying and storage of grain. Rice plant in the middle of fields.
Some Benefits of Utilizing Biogases
  • If the biogas is recovered and used within the plant, increased amounts of biogas can further off-set other energy costs.
  • Replace conventional non renewable energy sources
  • Decrease your company’s carbon footprint
  • Produce heat and/or electricity on-site under your control
  • Sell excess electrical power from gen-sets to the local grid for profit
  • Create a reputation of being environmentally responsible
  • Potential to receive financial incentives to produce green energy​


The Acti-Zyme AD blend also known as Hycura AD, is a specifically enhanced biological MET product designed to be used in Anaerobic Digester Systems.


Our Approach

AD Product 

  • A specific blend used to assist in dewatering and in the reduction    
    of Dry Metric Tons (DMT) of biosolids, along with an improvement in quality and quantity  of biogas production.