Agricultural & Contained Livestock Operations

Contained Livestock Manure Treatment

Livestock manure has always received much public attention with regards to ground and surface water quality and issues from agricultural sources as an increasing environmental problem. 


Acti-Zyme has two biological products for treatment of contained livestock farms:

Both the Agricultural and Dairy Blend (AG and DB) Products virtually eliminate the need for agitation, providing ease of pumping and spreading.

Acti-Zyme agricultural products contain high concentrations of bacteria and enzymes for reducing the higher cellulose content organics in the waste water.

Our Approach


AG Agricultural Blend Product

Used in most contained livestock operations. Ideally used in pits, then lines, tanks and lagoons.

DB. Dairy Blend Product

This blend comes with increased buffers and is geared to the higher cellulose and carbohydrate aspects in the manure. Used by dairy farms for manure management in pipes, holding tanks and lagoons.

Some benefits of using the products:

  • Odour reduction
  • Liquefy the organics
  • Mineral nutrients in outflow water, ideal for irrigation
  • Reduced soil contamination using the fully treated outflow water
Olds college test charts - biogas

Olds College AB -  test for % of protein in Barley

Olds college test charts - protein

The increased liquefication provides increased availability of the micro nutrients which has shown up to a 20% increase in crop yields and up to 30% higher protein content in the grain as compared to commercial fertilizer.