2021 AWWOA Seminar

The Real Foreman of Alberta

From lagoons to collection line maintenance.

William Lyons - Public Works Manager with the Town of Bow Island, AB

Video Highlights

“After one year our sewer lines are clear, not fat, they are spotless. Acti-Zyme doesn’t do exactly what they say it would do, it does more. I am an advocate, because it works”

William Lyons, Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

Allen Schiestel - Previous Town Forman with the Town of Alameda, SK

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“It was amazing, how it clean up the lagoon. To this date after
35 years it has never had to be dredged”

Allen Schiestel, Saskatchewan, Canada

Brent Hamilton - Leadhand Utility Operator with the Town of Taber

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“Acti-Zyme was able to liquify it and help us clean the
Siphon Line. It saved us a ton of money and time for us! 

Brent Hamilton, Taber, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Pierre Fanfan - CEO at Probiosphere Inc.

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“Bioaugmentation can rectify the presence of undesirable bacteria
colonies and reinforce the biological efficiency of wastewater systems.”

Pierre Fanfan,  Quebec, Canada