Wastewater Treatment Applications

Municipal Applications for Act-Zyme Treatment Products

Acti-Zyme offers effective biological wastewater solutions as alternatives to traditional wastewater treatment products. With specified applications including compound degradation, solids management, biological aids and odor control. Microbial Enhancement Technology wastewater solutions safely lower operating costs, improve plant efficiency, and simplify wastewater treatment operations.

 Wastewater solutions for the degradation of specific compounds

The microorganisms in Acti-Zyme’s wastewater solutions have been selected for their strong ability to degrade specific substances to the existing biological community. Therefore, the levels of target compounds in wastewater effluent can be lowered, for example; hydrocarbon degradation, phenol degradation, fats, oils and grease reduction and nitrification improvement. Certain Acti-Zyme products contain proprietary microorganisms for FOG reduction and increased nitrification.

 Biological wastewater solutions for improved odor control

Odor can be a problem for neighbors and dangerous to plant personnel at certain levels. By adding MET granules as a wastewater solutions that degrade odor-causing compounds, odors can be mitigated and prevented.

 Wastewater solutions that increase the release of biogas

Bioaugmentation can increase the COD removal efficiency of the system and increase the rate at which biogas is released. If the biogas is recovered and used within the plant, increased amounts of biogas can further off-set other energy costs. Acti-Zyme’s wastewater solutions help a variety of anaerobic treatment units to enhance performance.

 Bioaugmentation for improved upset recovery and system start-up

When an upset occurs in a wastewater system, the microbial community is shocked by a sudden change in conditions. Biological wastewater solutions can also help in the start-up of a new system, where establishing an effective microbial community is key. With the addition of beneficial MET granules to build up the biological community, upset systems can recover in a shorter period of time and the start-up of a new system can be accelerated significantly.

 Biological wastewater solutions for sludge reduction

Solids management is one of the biggest concerns in the wastewater industry today. MET granules help reduce the burden of sludge and solids handling and lower costs, or can be used for de-sludging the system.

Final Results

  • 42

    Increased Release of Gases

  • 20

    Increased crops when reused for Irrigation

  • 99

    Potential Removal of BOD, COD and E.Coli