Commercial Sewage Treatment Compound

Municipal Wastewater and Sludge Management

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    With Acti-Zyme’s Wastewater Management and Sludge Removal Solutions, you can turn your system around and improve outflow reading with no more sludge build up, or excessive odours!

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Acti-Zyme Commercial Sewage Treatment

For use in municipal and commercial wastewater treatment systems.

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  • Acti-Zyme’s commercial sewage wastewater cleaning products are a simple application and a complex solution to a global problem. Our products are 100% natural, and environmentally safe. They require less energy, and increase the capacity of any bio-wastewater treatment system. They contain a combination of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes, enzymes, nutrients and neutralizers necessary to break down and digest organic waste. These sewage water treatments are created specifically for the decomposition of proteins, lipids, cellulose and carbohydrates.

    Acti-Zyme products are a non-hazardous material and bio-catalytic in nature where in the presence of water, the bacteria multiply every 20 minutes as they follow their food source. As they follow their food source they will multiply in above or underground water, unlike chemicals which dilute over short distances.

This provides the ability to virtually eliminate sludge and crust in overloaded municipal digesters or lagoon systems while cleaning up lift stations, and stopping the pollution of waterways, lakes and underground water.

Hotels, institutions, packaging plants, schools and restaurants in Western Canada are using Acti-Zyme to eliminate the number of disposal problems in their septic systems. Acti-Zyme will reduce large sludge deposits in a short time at lagoon inlets and tanks. Lab tests prove that the anaerobic and aerobic bacterial multiplication of our product is the key to faster acting and efficient enzyme activity (minimum 10 billion cfu/g in 48 hours).

Acti-Zyme reduces the sludge buildup to a minimum, preventing odour and pollution.If the sewage systems become overloaded, organic waste can overflow into lakes or rivers incapable of accommodating it. This organic matter also requires large amounts of oxygen and may deplete the water of oxygen available to fish and other aquatic organisms.

Developed Over a 20 Year Period

In Real-World Conditions

    • Powerful Treatment

      Acti-Zyme products are a combination of proprietary aerobic, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes,enzymes, nutrients and neutralizers for optimal treatment.These ingredients provide the ideal solution to managing bio-wastewater and removing sludge buildup. Act-Zyme products have been used in industrial and municipal applications for over 60 years with successful treatment within federally regulated guidelines.

      Act-Zyme products can be a real breakthrough for any municipality. There is no additional expertise or training needed. It is a simple and very effective solution with many benefits to human health and the environment.

    • Applications

      Act-Zyme offers effective biological wastewater solutions as alternatives to traditional wastewater treatment products and expensive infrastructure. With specified applications including compound degradation, solids management, nutrient removal and odor control. These microbial-based wastewater solutions safely lower operating costs, improve system efficiency, and simplifies wastewater treatment operations.

      Act-Zyme products can be used in the following application types:

      1. Municipal/Industrial Lagoon Systems
      2. Muncipal/Industrial Digesters
      3. Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs
      4. Holding Tanks and Distribution Lines

    • Nutrient Removal

      Act-Zyme’s AZ+ compound is specifically focused on
      digesting organic wastewater and removes harmful nutrients. The following is percentage removal rates for top priority nutrients based on optimal performance:
      1. Ammonia 97.5%
      2. Phosphorus 90.2%
      3. TKN 94.1%
      4. E. Coli 98.8%
      5. Total Coliform 95.1%
      6. TOC 94.0%
      7. BOD/C-BOD 95.9%

    • Environmentally Safe

      Acti-Zyme products are environmentally friendly and contains only non-hazardous material and non-pathogenic microbes.

      Act-Zyme will not harm aquatic life when used at recommended dosage rates as supported by a Bio-Assay. It will not harm pipes or fixtures and when used in a line, it will increase its activity throughout the line if not blocked by inorganic materials.

      Act-Zyme can be used in conjunction with existing systems to clean bio-wastewater effluent more efficiently with no environmental side effects.

    • Proper Care of System

      Each system has different variables to take into consideration when planning proper care and treatment. Theses variables include: retention time, temperature, water to sludge ratio, volume of caustics, addition of other chemicals or hormones, and the depth/capacity of the system.

      If properly used, Acti-Zyme products will increase the life of any system and improve its ability to properly treat organic wastewater.

    • Expected Results

      The active use of Acti-Zyme MET granules will liquefy bio-solids, increase a systems capacity, stabilizes pH, decreases odour, removes pathogens, and cleans pipes & traps.

      Acti-Zyme products are used as a non-toxic, all natural bio-augmentation for digestion of organic wastewater.

Why use granular organic microbes?

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