Environmentally Sustainable

Protecting the Environment and Our Future

Protecting the Environment

Acti-Zyme’s products are a simple application and a complex solution to a global problem.Acti-Zyme’s products are 100% natural, and environmentally safe. They require less energy, and increase the capacity of any bio-wastewater treatment system. They are created specifically for the decomposition of proteins, lipids, cellulose and carbohydrates. Acti-Zyme digests bio-solids, alleviating the need for manual removal and disposal of sludge, all the while reducing contaminants in the system.

Acti-Zyme products are environmentally friendly and contains only non-hazardous material and non-pathogenic microbes. Acti-Zyme is also bio-catalytic in nature where in the presence of water, the bacteria multiplies every 20 minutes. Unlike chemicals which dilute over short distances, Acti-Zyme follows its food source it will multiply in above or underground water. It will not harm pipes or fixtures in fact when used in a line or an interceptor, it will increase its activity the full length of any line not blocked by non-soft organic matter. This provides the ability to virtually eliminate sludge and crust in overloaded lagoons while cleaning up polluted waterways, lakes and underground water. Acti-Zyme will not harm aquatic life when used at recommended dosage rates as supported by a Bio-Assay.

Sustainable Development

Positive effects of using Acti-Zyme’s bio-augmentation products are felt both economically and environmentally. They create a secondary source of water for irrigation, reduces or eliminates the cost of sludge removal and agitation, develops a new renewable energy source from the increased rate of release of biogases, creates the potential to collect carbon credits, and saves money on expensive maintenance and repairs. Our bio-augmentation products are an affordable treatment solution and is economically feasible for any system treating bio-solid wastewater large or small.