Why Choose Acti-Zyme?

Acti-Zyme has developed a proprietary formula through the means of microbe granulation technology while using the highest grade of all natural products. This allows our clients to digest and clean wastewater for any system from municipal and commercial applications to residential septic tanks. The Learning Center is to be the go-to-resource for clients, municipal treatment operators, and the general public for all the information necessary to understand and apply our unique and exclusive technology in the application across all types and forms of wastewater treatment. To learn more Explore, Discover and Share the resources found on this website.

  • Our Commitment

    • The Ultimate Source
      We will provide links, articles and pages for everything wastewater, from how to maintain a septic system, to which products to use to solve problem systems
    • Sound Advice
      Provide the best advice, products and services to clean sewage and wastewater in an all-natural environmentally safe manner
    • Focused on the Environment
      Our # 1 goal is to preserve and protect our natural environment by decreasing pollution, providing a new reusable water source and capture natural gases to produce energy
    • Education
      We are committed to educate our customers and the general public on proper and environmentally safe practices and techniques to treat and clean water.
    • Continued Innovation
      We develop new and improved products and solutions to target new emerging issues that are hurting our water system.
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  • The Acti-Zyme Advantage

    Understanding bio-augmentation, and achieving environmentally sustainable results using MET granules.

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  • Municipal Applications

    Find out how to treat lagoons to large scale digesters and achieve regulated outflow readings.

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  •  Case Studies

    Our case studies will show you the power of Acti-Zyme solutions and its ability to save thousands of dollars for you treatment system.

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  •  Bio-augmentation

    Need help maintaining your wastewater treatment system? Learn everything you need to know about Bio-augmentation. Have a question? Send us an email!

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  • Interesting Facts

    500+ Happy Customers

    1,000+ of Tons of Sludge Removed

    300+ Million Gallons of Treated Wastewater