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The Proof is in the Pudding, in Our Case the Proof is in Clean Water.

  • Council is very pleased and are definitely committed to continuing with this product. This product has saved the Village of Vibank thousands of dollars.

    Jeanette SchaefferAdministrator, Village of Vibank, SK
  • I thought it would do something, but I was surprise how well it removed all the sludge. There is literally nothing left. Incredible!

    Tim HarmsTown Foreman, Hepburn, SK

  • We are extremely pleased with the results we have obtained up to this time, as we are not only able to keep the sludge problem under control, we also have only a minimal odor period at Spring Breakup.

    We are continuing to use the product, and considering the results we have obtained, we would not hesitate to recommend the product to any community that wants to reduce sewage disposal problems.

    Jim McAlisterDirector of Works & Utilities, Melfort, SK
  • We have used this product for about 13 years and have never had to clean out or agitate our primary lagoon. We use all the liquid for fertilizer and have never had a soil problem.

    Our yields were approximately eighteen bushels more than fields treated with commercial fertilizer.

    Livestock ProducerSouthern Saskatchewan
  • We first started using Acti-Zyme in 1998. The decision to try this product was made after looking into the cost of mechanically desludging the lagoon. We did a 90 day purge using about 400 lbs of Acti-Zyme at first then moved to a doing regular maintenance of 20 lbs per week. After the first month of the purge a noticeable difference was observed.  Not only was the sludge build-up reduced but also the odor from the lagoon was very much reduced. After the purge most of the sludge build up along the edges had disappeared but the odor only was noticeable when the cool air moved down from the mountains.

    We continue to use Acti-Zyme with good results.

    Allan BergForeman, District of New Hazelton

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